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" Ayurveda is the time tested science of healthy living"
Bishop Valloppilly Memorial (BVM) Ayurveda & Panchakarma Centre





Ayurveda describes health & disease in terms of Vata, Pitta, & Kapha, the three governing principles of the body. These together termed as " Tridoshas". Perfect balance in Tridoshas is said to be 'Sama Prakruti', the state of being absolute good health. The balanced state of tridoshas results in state of equilibrium of functions of the body tissues.the vitiation of any one of Dosha at the level of disease manifestation is counter balanced by another dosha.

Bishop Valloppilly Memorial Ayurvedic centre (BVM) bring to you best quality medical care for a range of physical ailments, using all the time tested remedies mentioned in Ayurvedic texts to ensure speedy recovery & rehabilitation. s.




Dr. Sr. Elsy Lukose SH BAMS, PGDY, MS(Ayu), (Shalakya)

Time:10am to 4 pm (Monday, Wednesday Leave)



BVM Ayurvedic Centre is equipped with Pharmacy, In-patient department and

treatments like nasya, vamana, virechana, vasthi, rakthamokshana etc.




  • Sirodhara-Medicated Oil treatment for head
  • Nasya
  • Tarpana-Improves eyesight &for eye diseases
  • Takradhara - Medicated buttermilk treatment for head
  • Abhyanga - Oil Massage
  • Elakkizhi-Bolus bag massage with herbal leaves
  • Podikkizhi-Bolus bag massage with herbal powders
  • Udwarthana-Massage with herbal powders
  • Navarakizhi-Bolus bag massage with medicated rice
  • Pizhichil-Medicated oil bath




  • Kativasti-applied on lower back
  • Netra seka-for eye diseases
  • Karnadhupanam-for ear diseases
  • Greeva vasti-applied over neck
  • Thalapodichil-Medicine application on head
  • Jaloukavacarana-Leech therapy
  • ayurveda-treatment




Netra Roga Chikitsa-

Treanment for diseases related with EYE- especially for Myopia, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Dry Eye Syndrome, Cataract, Eye allergy, Itchin & watering from eyes etc.

Karna Roga Chikitsa


Treanment for diseases related with ear- Hearing deficiency, itching in ears, ear discharges, ear ache, Tinnitus etc.

Nasa Roga Chikitsa

Treanment for diseases related with Nose & Throat – Allergic rhinitis, Sneezing, nasal polyp, Tonsillitis, chronic sinusitis etc.

Siroroga Chikitsa

Treanment for diseases related with head & scalp – all types of Headache, migraine, dandruff, hair fall, Scalp psoriasis etc.



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